Our History

Brief History of Eden Lodge #46 PHA

Eden Lodge was organized in 1894, U.D. The chapter , which organized from the mother Grand Lodge of England entered the United States via African Lodge #459 which chartered the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts F&AM which chartered the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania F&AM which chartered the Grand Lodge of Georgia F&AM.  The Lodge proceeded to grow in the years that followed. On August 28th, 1897 with W.P. Harper as WM, the lodge was visited by M.W. Grand Master W.E. Terry. He gave high praise to the lodge for its membership growth and their pride in the success of the craft. The lodge continued to grow and progress. In 1908, Newton Robinson was elected W.M. He served until 1916 when S.E. Gaither was elected W.M. After a two year term, Gaither handed the gavel of authority over to William Kiser. George Lymon succeeded Kiser in 1920 and served three years as W.M. until he was replaced by A.H. Henry. Henry would serve until the end of 1931. In 1932 Homer Bryant was elected and served until 1938 when the depression caused many lodges to be merged and some to discontinue. Eden Lodge fell into the latter.  Brother Bryant had so great a love for Freemasonry that he continued his affiliation by attending lodge meetings in Atlanta. In 1946, shortly after WW II hand ended, it was Brother Bryant who led the cause of reactivating Eden Lodge and he served as Master until 1949. Emanuel Wilson was the elected W.M. and served until 1950. Carl Myers (1951 -1952); Frank Sexton (1953 – 1954); Homer Bryant (1955 – 1956); and Arthur Smith (1957 – 1959).  In 1960, Charles Ferguson was elected Worshipful Master. It was under his leadership that he meeting night was changed from the second and fourth Tuesday to the first and third Mondays. Brother Ferguson had the foresight to adopt a plan of action that would allow the craft the opportunity to advance to higher degrees in Masonry. Building upon this strength, in 1961, Eden Lodge built its Masonic Hall, which remains in its present location. Brother Ferguson would serve as W.M. until 1970 – a period of ten years.


Community Outreach

We Love Our Community

 Serving the community is a top priority of Eden Lodge Members, they do a lot of work for charities, including  holding and participating in various fund raisers within  the community to promote charitable causes. Check our calendar for upcoming events.



Who Are We?

The Brothers of Eden Lodge #46 PHA

 Freemasonry today is represented by local organizations of Freemasons who belong to the Masonic Lodge. The word "Lodge" refers as much to the masonic members themselves, as well as the actual building where the Masonic members meet. The contemporary Freemasons are widely involved in many charitable
and community-based activities. Money is collected by holding fund raisers and also from donations of the lodge members. That money is then used for charitable causes. Modern Freemasons are very active in housing, medical & educational projects, local food banks, Adopt-A-Street, and Child I.D. programs. The Lodge building is often used to hold fundraising and public relation events that are open to non-members and invited guests, like fish fries, pot luck, breakfast, etc. Many Masonic Lodges consist of Freemasons who mostly live and work in the local area and choose to attend a local lodge. Each Lodge elect’s members to official positions to carry out masonic functions. The main principles of Freemasonry insist that each member show tolerance, respect and kindness in his actions toward others; practices charity and care for the community as a whole; and strives to achieve high moral standards in his own personal life.